Saturday, October 23, 2010

Families are Number One

Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who was raised in a happy and secure family with two loving parents. Maybe you weren’t, and growing up was tough without the love and support you longed for. Chances are, as an adult you want the happy home you never had. Living peacefully in a family isn’t always easy, but in God’s restored Church, marriage (Genesis 2:18) and families (Genesis 1:28) are the most important social unit now and in eternity. God wants you to do all you can now to prepare yourself to live with your family forever.
Now and forever, what matters most is family. People who have lived through a disaster never say, “All I could think about during the earthquake was my bank account.” They almost always say, “All I could think about was my wife and kids.” It shouldn’t require a disaster for us to know this truth. But too often, we let earning money, chasing pleasure, or even the needs of people outside our families divert our attention.

I've been so lucky to have an awesome family. I know that by living gospel principles my family has been strengthened greatly. Try it for your selves. Live these values and you will see a great difference in your lives, homes, and families.

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  1. Hi Elder Nelson! This is a great idea! You never know who you might reach via blogging! (And we're sure it isn't against the rules?) :)