Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I love baseball, it is one my favorite things in this world. As I was contemplating, how does baseball relate to the gospel, I had a perfect idea. For those of you who know baseball, the third base coach gives signs to his hitters and base runners. These signs consist of many different patterns. They all mean something different. The coach is telling his players what they need to do to execute a certain play. If executed correctly it can often lead to winning a game. The coach doesn't do anything for them, he tells them what to do and they are the one's to take care of the rest. How often does our Heavenly Father tell us what we can do to return to him and has us execute the plan ourselves. How often in baseball does a coach give a sign and the players don't execute it? It happens quite often. How often does our Heavenly Father give us a perfect sing or plan and we don't execute it? It happens even more often. That is why we practice and practice and practice. None of us will ever execute our Fathers plan perfectly but we try, and try, and try again. Our Father in Heaven wants us to return to him and love him more than anything else, because of the love he has for us. It is our job, to do our best, to understand what that plan or sign is from our Heavenly Father and execute it the way he would have us execute it. I know God lives and answers our prayers. Focus on what he is trying to say to you and don't question it, just do it.

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