Friday, August 19, 2011

Ohana means family, family means no one is left behind.

"Ohana means family, family means no one is left behind." This is probably the truest principle ever said in a Disney movie. Family meaning no one is left behind is both an temporal principle and an eternal principle. Here on earth we should cherish our families. No one should be left behind. Families are ordained of God and should be treated that way. They are the most important social unit we have here on the earth. But most imortantly families are eternal. God didn't just intend for us to be with our families here on earth. We can be with them for eternity but here is only one way, being sealed in the temple of God. When the priesthood way restored through the prophet Joseph Smith that also restored the ability to seal families for time and eternity. Marriages were not meant to be until death do us part. That is a planned divorce. God wants us to be with our husband or wife forever and so should we.

This link is The Family:A Proclamation to the world  . It is the testimonies of Apostles and Prophets in the latter-days. Explaning why and how we can become eternal families. After you read this take a look at your family and think about how badly you want to be with them forever. If you want it badly enough, you can have it.

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