Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Love My Mother!!!

So this blog post is inspired by my mother. She is a remarkable woman. At the time she gave me this advice infact, I chuckled. I thought she was a little crazy but now that I'm older and somewhat think about things, its genious. I was listening to a song in the bathroom called Waiting on the world to change. Its by John Mayer and he is excellent. I also really, really like this song. So not thinking of anything about the words or what it was saying, I continued to listen. My mom talked to me about the message of that song, than she wanted to show me a different song. Its by Josh Groban who is also one of my favorites. Its called, Thankful and talks about how its up to us to BE the change. Like I said at the time I thought my mom was falling off her rocker, its just music. But there is so much truth to the song Thankful. Where do you think this world will go if we are all "Waiting on the world to change." There is so much good in the world, but yet so much to be done. None of us can patiently wait. There is action that needs to take place. One step at a time all of us can make a change. It is up to us to BE change. The Savior of the world was that change. His invitation is for all of us is to walk the path that he walked. Striving to become as our Savior was does not consist of, waiting. He lived a sinless life consisting of action taking place, not waiting. Anyone who reads this post please dig deap and ask yourself how YOU are going to BE the change. I promise you blessing upon blessing as The Lords representative if you BE the change the world needs, one step at a time. In closing, Josh Groban ends the song with, "Even though we all can do so much more, there is so much to be thankful for."

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